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Have you been working hard all your life and now that you are retired, it’s time for you or your loved ones to get the comfort and leisure they deserve and want?

While getting senior airfare discounts are not as common as they used to be, especially after covid’19. The per capita income and the economy has been shot down during this global crisis like never before.You are booking for yourself or your parents they should always avail the discounts they are provided with. Only a few airlines still offer the senior citizen discount which can be redeemed by the people between the age eligibility of 50-65. Different airlines offer different discounts and different vouchers. The senior years are called the second childhood because one should have endless hopes and should give a fresh start to everything and is probably the best time to discover what you have been keeping aside all these years because of the societal, financial or emotional responsibilities.


Q. How can I get a senior citizen discount?
Ans. All you have to do is call firstflyn and share the details of your next booking with our Executive or just log on to and browse through the great senior citizen travel offers to your selected destination.
Q. What are some top airlines that offer the best senior citizen discounts?
Ans.The airlines that offer the best senior citizen travel deals are Alaska Airlines, Qatar Airways, American Airlines, AeroMexico, Allegiant Air, Hawaiian Airlines, and Finnair.
Q. Why should you book senior citizen flight tickets at firstflyn?
Ans.firstflyn has joined hands with numerous Airlines and Hotel chains across the globe to offer its customers the best deals without making a hole in their pocket. With our tie-ups we see that our customers enjoy simple and affordable and comfortable senior citizen flight deals.
Q. Is there any hidden or additional charge applicable on firstflyn’s senior citizen flight deals?
Ans. No, there are no additional or hidden charges when it comes to the senior citizen flight tickets through our portal, we guarantee our customers that you will get genuine prices and we try our best to make it as reasonable as we can.