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Who wants to waste time and energy in the layover between their long-haul flights?

We at Firstflyn, offer our customers with great deals and ample number of options direct flights to various destinations. These flights deals will not only reduce your travel time but will be cheaper than other travel portals. we have partnered with various airline so that we cater to our customers who want their journeys to be hassle-free and less time consuming. We introduce end number of offers and discounts, irrespective of season. Time is money and we respect your time and try our best to save your money. The connecting flights can be really tiring especially on odd hours and many of the travellers' face jet lag due to uncomfortable flights which takes at-least 2-3 days to recover. Save big with Firstflyn on the non-stop flights for your next vacation or business meeting.


Q.1. How can I get the best deals for nonstop flight for a long-haul route?
Ans.All you have to do is call Firstflyn and tell share the details of your next booking with our Executive or just log on to and browse through the exclusive nonstop flight tickets to your selected destination.
Q.2. What are some top airlines that offers nonstop flights?
Ans.The airlines that offer nonstop flights domestic and international are United Airlines, American Airlines, Etihad Airways, Spirit Airlines and JetBlue Airways.
Q.3. Why should you book flight tickets at Firstflyn?
Ans.Firstflyn has joined hands with numerous Airlines and Hotel chains across the globe to offer its customers the best deals without making a hole in their pocket. With our tie-ups we see that our customers enjoy their nonstop flights.
Q.4. Is there any hidden or additional charge applicable on Firstflyn’s flight deals?
Ans.No there are no additional or hidden charges when it comes to the flight tickets through our travel portal, we guarantee our customers that you will get genuine prices and we try our best to make it as reasonable as we can.